Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sold-out Elvis show!

For a portion of the show, there was an Elvis-and-Elvis duet.

We were a party of five, so we were seated with a party of two, because they had the only other little boy. By intermission, they were running and playing and dancing. There was a long game of hide and seek and tag outside, and lots of dancing inside.

The bring-your-own laws here are shocking to me, but they put out pint glasses for men, and half-pint glasses for women and children, per pub tradition, and people were using their own wine, beer, soda or water. I suppose readers from the UK will be wondering why that's odd, and Americans might be wondering "WHAT the Hell!?" And that's one of my favorite things about travelling, is the huge differences that never show up in the tourist literature or coffeetable books.

OH! And there was a raffle to benefit the deep sea fishermen charity mentioned here, and the question asked some of the several winners was "Beer or chocolate?" [Some were known to have preferred beer. Two attendees were young enough they would have been given chocolate, but neither won this time.] "Beer or chocolate?" was delightfully like "Cake or death?" to my ears.

For anyone who doesn't know the connection between "Cake or Death" and the Church of England and all that, it's Eddie Izzard, who explained it in the context of the English empire. Language warning/rated R, but it's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAOLOGGftTY&feature=related

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  1. One thing that is interesting is that the corkage is free. In Australia they usually charge a small fee opening and supplying glasses for BYO.


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