Friday, June 3, 2011

An activity in France on June 16

From Hélène McNeill:
I told her about our Sandra Dodd's Unschooling camping pseudo-conference thing and that some of people might want to come to the shop so she wants to hold it open especially for anyone in our group that might like to come. Believe me, its well more than a thrift shop. So she is going to open the shop to our group on the 16th between 2-4. I expect there will be other English home-educators in Brittany there as well because we are placing a notice and I have already received mail from local home educators who cannot come to the camp-out but would like to hook-up.
This refers to the shop of Hélène's friend Karen, of
So we will have an outing to a French charity shop. Nice!
It might turn into some sort of meeting/presentation, and that's fine, too.


  1. has a msg of "page cannot be found", and it cannot be Googled. Would like to look up.

  2. I repaired the link up above. Interestingly, Debbie, when I got the e-mail notification of your message above, my e-mail program created a clinkable link that worked from the e-mail. :-)

  3. Hi Sandra and Debbie,

    Many thanks for the "puff" and the link; this is something that can really take off and provide a great "support group" for folks in the area.

    The website is still an "almost finished work in progress" but we are getting there.

    Great Blog and we will certainly add a link from our website to your great Blog.


    Andrew JAMES
    Webmaster at


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