Things to remember or to look up later:

wedgits, jr. set

ivy-leaved toadflax (on the walls)

moshi monsters
The Great Lafayette
Mrs. Beeton

Marchpane [bookstore in Cecil Court off Charing Cross Rd., Kenneth Fuller (Ian's brother; Abi's BIL)]

Heart of Lithlorian  brickwork, and football club, and book by Scott

Monkey Bizness
Gillian, Chris, Abi, Mares (Eden, Anghus), Bernie, Andrea (Julian)

Fred on YouTube

catchment (school district divisions)

The Guardian (article on sex ed)

Pizza Express (£8 American Pizza, £2.55 ice tea--lipton, peach, small glass bottle)

ice-lolly sticks (our "popsicle sticks"--a house made of them was in the museum. Gabled roof, kind of. Wanted to think about doing one later.


roughcast (Yarrow Kirk)
drycast or wetcast, the chimney-repairmen told me, but that one was drycast.
(pebble dash, Julie's house, put on with a power sprayer)

bulky uplift

tied house, tied farm

Stabilo pencils (crayons with wood)
Jaffa cakes (Cakes with VAT, not biscuits, because they will get hard if left out)

builders' tea (or trucker's tea, at Julie's house)

Pater noster (in the School for the Arts tower in Sheffield)

first or premier teams, Sheffield Wednesday (Owls) Sheffield United (Blades)
The ice hockey team is the tigers; the football team is the blades.

NOTE: Bacon, brie and cranberry are a GREAT combination, but English bacon.
NOTE: Blackcurrant and apple are a good combo, too. Had a smoothie, and had flavored water.

Derby term: "mardy" (mardy-bum, mardyass)
I asked if it was like being a crybaby, and the response was "more stroppy than 'crybaby'" Then I had to ask about "stroppy."
"Nesh" means tending to feel cold when others don't, or feeling cold easily.
A couple of times as we walked around Tissington, I guessed about some comment or posturing, "Mardy?" No, they said, and explained why it wasn't quite mardy. At one point Adam, the nightclub owner, complained that he was cold. "Mardy?" I asked. Conrad said "Mardy AND nesh."

Herb Robert (has leaves like geranium leaves, and grows on vertical walls, and is in the photos from Tissington.

Black and white sheep we passed (had been shorn and I thought they were goats at first): "Jacob's sheep" (because of the story about breeding spotted goats, I guess)

Seen from the train, a building that said "The Marine Academy and Sea Cadets"

Duck tour jokes and notes:
...where Prince William married Kate Moss

[Downing Street] gates put in the '80s, to keep Margaret Thatcher in.

Nelson was the England's greatest sailor, though at the end of his life he had one eye, one arm, couldn't swim, got seasick and he were dead. Other than that, he was the best.

Nelson was buried in a coffin Henry VIII had made for himself (designed himself) but couldn't fit in when he died.

What do you call an exploding monkey? A BaBOOM

Don't work hard in school, kids, and you can do this someday.

Pall Mall street, named after an Italian stick and ball game

Sir Isaac Newton, famous for inventing the apple.

Picadill (name for a ruff or collar?)

Michael Fagin broke in, cigarette, mental hospital, one visitor, Prince Phillip, went to find out where the queen's bedroom was.

700 rooms, their suite is 18 rooms (or 12?) so they have 682 spare rooms (or however many) and the queen admits she hasn't been into all of them.

When the lion drinks, London sinks (of the lions on the sides of the Thames

On Victoria Tower, the flag is as big as a tennis court. Used to only fly when parliament was in session, but the law changed.

Fake barges of concrete to fool bombers in WWII

A guy caught a piranha in the Thames. A guy who had bought five of them had let them go in the river when they got big. (see if that's true)
Himalayan honeysuckle (with the small pink roses behind Alison's)

North Chapel and Petworth (Bob Collier's mom's places--there are photos from Petworth)

Bird with a crest: Lapwing or Plover (seen at the steam fair)
Hollycombe Steam and Woodlands Gardens Society (former name for Steam in the Country)
Hindhead (look up schools and see why there would be three boarding schools there)
Send Schuyler the 1918 Thetford photos

Guy at steam museum said the heyday of steam engines started in the 1890s and "'twere all over by 1930."

Saw some cows that looked like pigs, July 4. Might be Belted Galloway. My photos aren't good, but they had a wide white stripe around the middle like a pig.

Dear Father Christmas (book with letters between a girl named Holly and Father Christmas)