Links to photos at photobucket (feel free to poke around there, knowing that some of what I photographed might be inexplicable to others, but was for some reason interesting to me):

Staines, London, Ashford, May 14-18:

the East coast train north, Linlithgow, near Penicuik, Edinburgh and thereabout, May 19-:

Yarrow Valley, May 27-30 (still uploading, as I write this):

Durham, May 30-June 1

Sheffield, June 1-4

Derby, Derbyshire (mostly Tissington Village), June 5-7

London, Leeds, June 7-12 (Leeds Castle in Kent, not Leeds the city in West Yorkshire)

To France, June 12 & 13

Home Ed Gathering in France (and other photos from June 14-16)

France near the end, June 17-19

Ashford, Staines...June 20+

June 22-24 Winchester and Pulborough
The Allotment photos, June 23
Play Park with Sandra Dodd by Cate Matters, on facebook, of the gathering at Arundel
To London with Carolyn and Ray, June 25:

Hollycombe Steam Fair Day, June 26

Bristol and Bath, June 27—29

Bristol and Stroud, June 30-July 1

Long Fields, July 2-4

Portstewart, Northern Ireland, July 8

Giant's Causeway and Portstewart, July 9

Kew Gardens and London, July 11

Last Day, July 12 (Saw toilets at a bathroom fixtures store, delivered the bolo tie.)

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P.S. I might never remember that videos can't be turned sideways. Or rather, that they will need to be, if I turn the camera. So for those of you watching on laptops or hand-held this'n'thats, you might need to 90-degree them for a couple of those videos. Sorry. Holly has tried to explain it to me, and while she's talking it makes perfect sense. Then I forget, because some things seem to need the verticalness of it. DOH!