Friday, June 17, 2011

French lunch

This restaurant serves a three course lunch. There were two options for the main course, pork or veal. There were two dessert options, coffee flavored ice cream or the pastry (which I had). Wine was included, and the other drink was water, from wine bottles.

Helene feels terrible today and is just now leaving to go to the doctor. At the restaurant it was Leon, me, and the four Waynforths.

The restaurant is called "Rendezvous de Pecheurs," and it's Helene's favorite. She's planning to go there for her birthday on Sunday. I hope she's well enough to do that, that antibiotics will get her all patched up by Sunday afternoon.

There was a lamp that looked like a water pipe that was supposed to look like a saxophone. It did look like a saxophone, that lights up, that someone could use as a water pipe or something.

Schuyler and David


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