Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday June 10 in London

Julie brought me to the hotel by train and cab, and when we got to the lobby, Beth and Emma Fuller were waiting for us. While we were still checking in, Schuyler's family came in, so it was a big reunion (and Julie got to meet Beth and Emma).

We all went to David's favorite Indian restaurant from some of his University days and then for Indian sweets, and the walk there and back was fun.

In the photo in front of the King's Cross Travelodge are Beth Fuller, Emma Fuller, and the Waynforths in this order: Simon, Linnaea, David and Schuyler. The other two people are non-speaking extras; not with us. :-)

Beth and Emma are from Albuquerque but are spending three months in Europe and blogging about it here:

The last couple of photos are the view from my hotel room. A train, people drinking in the alley, and somewhere down there is a place where a bar puts glass for recycling, as I heard a couple of times in the night. :-)

One photo is down the alley next to the hotel, which has an older front, and the white to the right in the alley is the part where the rooms are. It's interestingly all locked up. I have to use my key card four times to get in my room. To get to the elevator from the lobby, to get the elevator to go, to get into the 4th floor rooms, and into my room. That suggests they might have had problems with people wandering in sometime before now.

We're leaving for the conference in a bit, and staying here again tonight. Julie Daniel arranged this and provided these rooms for our speaking at the conference, and so we can get easily to the Eurorail starting point tomorrow to go to France.

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  1. What is the "official" name of that door color? TARDIS blue? Police Box Blue? It's the color I want for the new chicken coop ;) I'd not considered gargoyles for the girls... hmmm...


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