Thursday, June 2, 2011

Focus on something

No, not those paintings and furniture. Hardware!

If you click a photo, you should be able to get an enlargement, and a further enlargement by clicking that one.

I had told Holly I kept taking the same two photos—roofline with another building behind, and doorways. But there are more. Plates of food. Views through windows. Door hardware. Interesting language use.

I keep seeing "forthcoming" used in a sensible way, but not the way it's used in the U.S. If someone is forthcoming, it means he's not being sneaky or withholding information. Here, people aren't forthcoming unless they aren't born yet, maybe. Because new menu items or public events might be announced as being forthcoming.

I've taken quite a few photos of automobiles, too.

In India, I was taking photos of rooflines, shrines, doorways and brooms. And trucks. Lots of trucks. Sandra in India 2010

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