Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tired, tired, but happy

Three days of doing things with several French families, children ranging from five months to fourteen. More conversations were in French than English, some were translated, some were awkwardly half and half. I think it was tiring for everyone. There were twenty kids altogether including McNeills and Waynforths, but never twenty all together in one place.

I will add photos here, and a video or two eventually. The first slide show is mine. I'll bring some things Leon took later, and if anyone else who was there has put photos online somewhere and wants to leave a link, that would be fun too!

That feature stopped working, but Leon's photos and some of mine can be seen at: 2011 Baud (a summary page made in 2021)


  1. I Wish I had been there! I'd love to hear more about it.

  2. Bea, I wish you could have been too. A woman named Claire had perfect English and accent from having lived in Montreal for ten years, and she was fun, too. She might be the tiredest person of all. There were others who could translate really well too. There were three or four adults who only had French, and most of the children. One boy knew a fair amount of English from video games and movies.

  3. Oh, I know Claire, from online. I'm glad she got to meet you! I probably know the other people who were attending too, at least by name.

  4. I am indeed a little tired, but I feel really happy I got a chance to hang out with you and the McNeils and the Waynforth. and get so many opportunities to exchange... I hope to meet again sometimes :-)

    And Hi Bea :-) How's Montreal?


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