Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Durham, various sights

Much of the old part of Durham looks like this:

Look what a nice frame for the castle:

Sorry for the distortion. I couldn't get far enough away to get it all otherwise.

From a pedestrian bridge that once was two-way auto traffic. All cobbled.

"Disco" signs are everywhere in the UK, and it means just any sort of event with dancing, it seems, for anyone of any age, any style of music.

Very hilly town, and many buildings do this, just right up the steep hills.

Not as good as it sounded:

A long street led to gates with steps up to houses. Sewer pipes had been added later. I thought they were cool. One was all spooky and overgrown. One had a reflection of ME (well, just for a minute there...)

Old doorways replaced older old doorways:

A heron, on the River Wear
A guy in a hotel restaurant told me that was a heron, but Deb Lewis wrote this:
"...wanted to tell you that your Heron on the River Wear is a Cormorant instead."

Jess's cool industrial boots:

I don't think this advertising slogan would go over well in the U.S.:

English breakfast, the other day:

The most ivy I've ever seen on one building:

Restaurant in the undercroft of Durham cathedral, Jude and Jess:

Exit from the library in Durham cathedral, and then a closeup of the sign:

I told Jude that in the U.S. things were never dreadful or lovely. :-)

Art shot for a future Just Add Light post:

What was I taking a picture of? (I mean besides everything...)

Just to the left of that, one shadow was different and I went to investigate.

None of the others, all around the cloister, had that nearly-solid section with a little hole.

I had already seen this, on the wall across:

Then Jude saw this one, on the floor:

Sundial. See the spot/marker?

And we looked up.

And we looked around.

Usually this is the cloisters of Durham Cathedral, but sometimes it's Hogwarts.

Other doors, with a sign. These were near the St. Cuthbert display, leading to the outside.

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  1. Deb Lewis sent this on Facebook:

    "For some reason I can't post comments on your Sandra in the UK and France blog. I had such a nice Thomas Carlyle quote for your post about playing the organ in the little church in Scottland, and wanted to tell you that your Heron on the River Wear is a Cormorant instead. But mostly I want to thank you for sharing your adventure. Your writing is delightful. Thank you!"

    I don't know why some people can't post. I've said "Anyone, even anonymous users" and saved that three different times. Bummer. I'll amend that heron note above.


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