Thursday, June 9, 2011

Albino peacocks

I also have a video of the peacock just standing there doing nothing. That was taken just between his loud noisy challenge to the world (especially, I guess, to people on the path and to other peacocks in the park), and his tail fan.

Here "albino" is pronounced to rhyme with "Beano". In the U.S., Beano is an over-the-counter fart-preventative. I bring this link here even though when I looked it up (within the UK), it has a disclaimer that says it's intended for U.S. Residents over the age of 18. Wondering why that would be, I looked around a bit more and discovered that in the U.K., Beano refers to a British comic that's been coming out since the 1930's.

So Americans say alBYEno to rhyme with "wino." Maybe the Brits say "weeno" for wino. They seem to call a weiner "saveloy." And they say "vih ta min" for "vitamin" (which has a long 'i' in north America, though I shouldn't speak for Canada, I guess).

More images of those peacocks by various other people in the world:


  1. That's amazing. I had no idea there was such a thing. Kind of spooky in a way - what's the point of being a peacock if you're all white??

  2. I saw a photo of an albino giraffe once. It looked very cool, kind of a pale black and white copy of a giraffe. Like the imitator plants on Plants vs. Zombies.


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