Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What kind of bird is this?

Saw lots of these today on the grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent.

We were guessing it might be a hooded crow (just from knowing the name) or something until it started making non-crowlike noise:

It was nearly as big as a crow, not a little sparrow-sized bird.


  1. It's a Jackdaw; highly intelligent, a good mimic and sociable. I don't know if the sound it's making is its normal sound or copied from some other bird.

  2. Thanks for that. I was thinking what we saw in Derbyshire were hooded crows, but they were jackdaws it seems. It's been about 27 years since I saw a hooded crow and my memory got it all wrong! Jackdaws seem to have hooded crow plummage in reverse almost. Cute!

  3. James Daniel had mentioned hooded crows as a possibility the day I took those pictures, but we weren't attached to the idea at all. :-)

  4. Here's more info on the jackdaw.

    I love birds!

  5. To my recollections jackdaws are mentioned in Enid Blyton quite a lot, especially in the Famous Five books.
    I looked up hooded crows, and they apparently have grey feathers in a pattern that looks like they are wearing a cloak with a high collar.

  6. Here are enlivened links from comments above, and another comment received by e-mail:

    You posted about a mystery bird the other day and I (foolishly) hit the reply button without noticing that it was a do not reply address.

    This is what I sent;

    Hi Sandra,

    The bird in the picture is a jackdaw. They are lovely, intelligent birds (we have a pair that live in our garden) and are part of the crow family along with magpies, jays, rooks and ravens.

    Hope this helps


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