Friday, June 24, 2011

In and around the City Mill in Winchester

[Pictures of things in and around] A restored water-driven mill in Winchester, a National Trust site.

[Note to self: Find the photos of the mechanism to add, too.]

Note: Next time, take some photos of the mechanism, rather than just the windows, the spider and the "low beam" signs.


  1. What a beautiful set of photos. When you say restored, does the mill mechanism still work?

  2. It works again. They replaced the milllstones and wheel within the last ten years. For most of the 20th century it was a youth hostel. Before that it was disused after having been a tannery, and before that various millers had used it for various lengths of time. It used to belong to nuns who leased it out, until the reformation when the Crown claimed it.

    I found my mechanism images--a video. I'll add it soon(er or later).

  3. I just read that page. In 2008 they got new stones from Holland (I think), created specifically for the mill, the size of the frame and all, custom made and there's a video of them installing them. They are aggregate stones of quartz and granite, I think they said (I could be wrong) and they run it at half the speed they would if they were doing commercial work, in hopes that the stones will last longer. They sell little bags of the flour there.


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