Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something about water, and paper

Strongest, reddest honeysuckle I've ever seen. Didn't even know it could exist in this form, and this plant is only ten years old. It was a tree.

Chives, Elaine and Conrad's back garden:

Ghost sign on a building:

On the way to Tissington, we stopped to have a picnic near a reservoir. "Reservoir" was a lake with boats. That was my first unsanitary thought.

The picnic shade was exotic (as I'm sure ours might be back home, to foreigners):

Most of our party. On the right, Elaine's daughters, and on the left her best friend and best-friend's fiance (August wedding, Alice-in-Wonderland theme, but not fancy dress), and on the end the boyfriend of older daughter. I can't name all of them properly so am not naming any. (Elaine, or anyone else, please feel free to leave more formal introductions in the notes if you want.)

Second unsanitary thought. I took this photo from a toilet seat in the vast and impressive toilet compound at this reservoir/park. While it's all noble and "green," I don't think the inside of a toilet stall is the best place for a "go paperless" advertisement. They were talking about paying utility bills (water bill, maybe) electronically without getting a paper invoice/bill. I was about to use paper myself, but paused. (And then continued.)

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  1. Going anti clockwise round the table from bottom right, a tiny bit of me, my daughter Plaxy, my daughter Hayley, my daughter Hayley's partner Karl, Adam, Jolene my daughter Hayley's best friend who is also engaged to Adam.


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