Monday, May 16, 2011

West Wittering Beach

First, the artsy shots.

And some of these might be inexplicable to others, but will help me remember the day. :-)

I saw one rabbit and several rabbit holes. Here's one.

And the sign (near the car park) says not to take an air bed onto the sea if the wind sock looks like that. Otherwise, apparently, beds are the norm.

I was hoping to get one of the sea gulls with the owl-looking coloration, and maybe I did, but mostly I saved evidence of the wind and of Adam's sweet smile.

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  1. My kids participated in the NHEO Safety Day recently, and the RNLI (Lifeguards Association) was there - they said airbeds are the single most dangerous item people take to the beach and that they should NEVER be used in the sea, only in contained areas, like swimming pools. They said that they get called out every week to rescue people who get blown out to sea on inflatables...


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