Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Museum of Childhood

I've broken a rule. Not a legislative ruling, so I wasn't in danger of deportation, just of ejection from a museum. But I didn't see the "no photography" sign until I had already taken a dozen photos, so I figured "In for 1p, in for one of those fat little coins that remind me of a nickel," and I took a few more.

Their official site is missing, but here's what Wikipedia has to link, and a good photo of their sign:

Here are some of my ill-gotten images:

OH wait... that snakes and ladders drinking game was in a "dollar shop," a discount store near there. I use shops as museums also, and got confused. Filed it with other snakes and ladders games.


  1. There is a museum of childhood in London in Bethnal Green that my smalls like as it has an indoor sand pit

  2. I've seen that one too. Both fun.

    My photos from the one in London are here:

  3. I want to remember to look later at home in the big board games book for a game called The Reward of Merit. The directions on it (in the museum) said "The game must be played with a totum."

    I came home to look "totum" up. I might check older dictionaries later, too. What I found with google was this:

    any small top spun with the fingers.
    a kind of die having four sides, each marked with a different initial letter, spun with the fingers in an old game of chance.

  4. I'm loving your blog Sandra. So much fun to see your travels! Do you know what the type of script was shown in that handwriting book? I love the capital letters, so beautiful.

  5. Kelly, it's called "copperplate." They use it on Victorian Christmas cards sometimes.

    And unrelated to that, one photo I left in even though it's blurry is of three styles of English classroom desks, late 19th and early 20th century.


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