Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hundred-year-old autograph book

105 years old, but some of the writing is from later years.

Bruce Curtis, my host, has a "Writing Album" that belonged to Ethel Curtis, who was his great aunt (I think; someone at grandmother-level). There are some beautiful things in here—sentiments, scripts, drawings, paintings, some glued in or mounted in slits for the corners, but several (including the music) entirely done by hand in the already-bound book. She had some very artistic friends/relatives.

These can be enlarged by clicking, and represent about half or what's in the book.


A couple of the pages refer to a school whose name I couldn't make out, but Bruce could, and I googled it. There's a photo of a classroom at the school in about those days. Could be one of those girls is Ethel. HOW WONDERFUL, though, to see a room, and some people in clothing that might look right for the period of the writing.

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