Friday, May 27, 2011

Very Yellow Car

The lights, bumpers and mirror are not like any I know, so either they were different in the UK, or this has adaptations, or maybe it's before 1959. If anyone can date it or comment, I'd like to know. Sorry I couldn't get a good shot of the dashboard. It was dark in that garage, and I didn't want to be in trouble for sticking my nose into someone else's car. I couldn't see whether it had a fuel gauge.

(Edinburgh, 26 May 2011)

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  1. Kirsten wrote:

    have been checking with my car experts (coll and david) re the vw beetle you posted on your blog and will leave them investigating for you, but it's an 'h' registration which would be 1970, but it's been modified. the headlights with the indicators inside are standard, but maybe not for that year, the wing mirrors are a modification as are the wheels, with the rear wheels being bigger than the front. most of the chrome trim has been removed and the colour is unlikely to be original. hub caps are moon discs, rather than the vw ones. i'm sure coll will investigate further - he' a wee bit obsessed with cars :o)


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