Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jack's Fish & Chips

Though it wasn't on the menu, I ordered a battered sausage. "It might be like a corn dog," I thought. It was not like a corn dog. Long, different, odd, but good. And what is that, which IS advertised? I didn't even know how to pronounce it. "Saveloy." SAV eh LOY. It looks like a foot-long hot dog. Longer. Not the same sausage as the battered sausage (which can also be bought batter-free). But no bun. Just the... saveloy. Next time. No, next time chip butty. Then maybe saveloy.

A collection container for the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen (I didn't know, either.)

That chip butty might come around next month, when I return for Elvis night. Yeah, Julie bought tickets. I knew before I left New Mexico that I was scheduled to see Elvis at a fish & chips shop. I didn't know I would be allowed to bring my own beer or wine.

Oh. No chip butty, either. But y'know what? Elvis would have LOVED one of those. With Miracle Whip, white bread, and maybe bacon.

Ah. So from this I learned that a saveloy is not the high-classest thing on the menu. It is a lunch special on par with a fishcake. It has the status of a plain burrito, or a corndog. So in a way it is like a corndog.

And that is what I learned today.


  1. wait til you get up here and you can try a deep fried mars bar ;o) we have a famous chip shop along the road in anstruther famed for its fresh fish & where prince william used to go for his fish suppers when he was at uni, apparently :o)

  2. ok.. fish and chips/byob AND Elvis!! I want!


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