Friday, May 13, 2011

At my departure point

I'm at the Albuquerque airport and the flight is in an hour.

Just a couple of days ago I decided to repack a new and different way, so cancel that "I'm all packed" brag, though it would have worked. I was inspired partly by the size of a large box of Lucky Charms, and partly because I wondered whether I could (or should) actually go two months without a pair of bluejeans. So two suitcases.

I felt guilty and decadent, and so here is my extravagant self-soothing justification:
I was trying to imagine what Victorian ladies with money (or rich 19th century New Yorkers) must have taken with them when they went to South America or India. Hat boxes and steamer wardrobes with jewelry and gloves and hair-things and shoes and shoehooks and corsets and bustles and nets and smelling salts and bottles of ink and pens and stationery and sand for the ink and perfume bottles and a servant or two.

Now I can buy things at charity shops and car boot sales and have a suitcase to get them home in. I'm going there to take photos, write, buy junk, meet people and tell stories about what I've learned and am learning about parenting and unschooling.


  1. Sandra, I could have lent you my grandmother's steamer trunk - the one she brought with her from England on the Cunard Line! It's beautiful - wood and leather...

    We either take an empty suitcase inside another or buy a cheap duffle bag to take goodies home when we travel. Someday, I'll be able to pack light. Maybe not in this lifetime, though :-)

  2. I feel that sick excitement every time I think that you will be here soon, and that I will get to hear you speak at the Little Conference, and to spend extra time with you in beautiful Winchester.... Fly safe and well Sandra, and thanks so much for coming!

  3. Sandra, I love your list of things you'll be doing in Europe. I hope I can take such a trip one day. All my best wishes!


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