Friday, May 27, 2011

The fine print

We were at an indoor play place yesterday. The food was better than I've ever seen in such a place, and I studied the menu a long time. But the best find was on the ketchup package.

Instead of listing long scary names of preservatives, they give you a code to look up if you care. But after the codes, was this mysterious entry: "Tomato Ketchup Spice." After the water, sugar, tomato paste, thickener, salt and (I assume) vinegar, what else IS there to ketchup? Something secret.

And it also might potentially have a touch of everything anyone in the U.K. has ever thought they might be allergic to. It's quite dangerous for a little bitty squirt of potato-dip.

That pitcher is squash. Not squash the vegetable, but squash the fruity drink. Black currant, this one was. Kids like it. It's better than Kool-aid.

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