Monday, July 11, 2011

Les Miserables

Tonight Julie and I went to see Les Miserables with her friend who has seen it 70 times. She hadn't seen it in this theatre, though. And this was my first time. I had wanted to see Matt Lucas, of Little Britain, in it. And I did, but I would have seen him better if I had taken my bifocals. DOH!!! I wish Holly had been here to remind me.

Anyway, it was great and I kept thinking of Jon/Balthazar whose favorite musical it is and whose judgment on musicals (and other things) I respect greatly.

I might not have forgotten the glasses but when we were at Kew Gardens earlier (photos to follow; there are none from the theatre because I'm very honest. Not counting the photos I wasn't supposed to take in the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh. Oh, and Durham Cathedral. Jeez, now I wish I'd've sneaked one at the play. But my camera isn't stealth at all—) OH RIGHT! When we were at Kew Gardens earlier, my camera said there was no room on the disk. That should not have been right, because I had moved photos and then deleted. So I put the other disk in, and after just a few dozen photos, it said no more room. NO no NO!! I was sad.

So the short time we had at Julie's house between Kew Gardens and regrouping to go to the theatre, I worked on the camera disks and didn't calmly think "What do I need to go to a play?" I got my train pass and my oyster card and my camera (which I used to reformat both disks, on the train, and that worked) and did not think at all one bit about glasses to see actors.

Next time.
No, next time I'll forget too.

But the play was good, and I got a DVD, and I will be able to play it on the little player Schuyler found for me to take home to play my PAL (European region) DVD's on. I think it's a concert and not the production itself, but I don't care.

Kew Gardens is high on my list of things to do again and better next time I'm here.

Gratuitous photos, car repair shop, in Bushmill's, Northern Ireland.

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