Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2, Bristol to Owslebury

This morning I left a very nice room and a nice family. Emil Pawlak, the older boy, had arranged the room especially for me, and I miss Emil already. Look what a beautiful room I got to use:

Now I'm with the Koetsier family, at Long Fields in Owslebury. I've had two meals, a long walk, have seen (and touched) horses, a gecko, a turtle, a hamster, two dogs, and several skulls. I photographed (but didn't touch) a fish. The fish swims upside down quite a bit, and sometimes floats upside down, up top, just for funs. The conversations have been wonderful and I got to see the village and some of the bridle trails (on foot).

Alison Pawlak took the first few photos.

The horses are trained by a very peaceful method.
And you might think that's how the fish came to swim
in the hamster cage, too...


  1. Wow. A Parelli carrot stick! We do Parelli Natural Horsemanship and my home-edded daughter is just taking her Level 1
    Enjoying following your adventures in the UK

  2. Hey Kate, that's great! The daughter with the carrot stick has done the Parelli Fast Track and is currently working (playing) at Level 3/4 - aiming towards Parelli Professional qualifications... she is particularly interested in helping problem horses. The other daughter (standing on the pony) and her sister are both Level 2/3. I am tagging along behind - I've done my Level 1 audition and am playing at Level 2. Parelli has been wonderful for our family and has made all the difference in our enjoyment of our horses.


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