Friday, April 1, 2011

London, June 11

First announcement, with names of speakers!

The LTTL Conference in London
(Learning Trust, Trusting Learning)

On June 11th this year there will be a conference for autonomous home educators
/ unschoolers near Covent Garden, in London. I am running this event to bring
together some of the people who have provided wisdom and inspiration for our
family as we began our autonomous home education journey.

Speakers will include Mike Fortune-Wood, Sandra Dodd, Imran Shah, David and
Schuyler Waynforth and Harriet Pattison. The theme of the conference is
"trusting and supporting our children to learn naturally and in their own way".
All of the speakers have personal experience of autonomous HE / unschooling and
all have interesting perspectives to share.

I am currently setting up a website which will have full details but I wanted to
put this up here now so that anyone who might be interested can save the date.

Julie Daniel


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