Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amassing Documents

My rail pass and Oyster card were delivered yesterday. My card's fancier than the generic image.

It's still five weeks away, but I'm already trying to figure out the logistics of carrying computer, clothes, books and papers, and getting around some by myself. Julie Daniel is letting me use her house as a base, so I can leave some things there, and I'll never be away more than a week. I'll usually have friends driving, but there are a few days I'll need to get in and around trains. If anyone has advice suggestions, I'd be glad to have them. The "greatest hits" of the checklist of things you've wished you had done differently when you travelled would be helpful. (I have my own checklist of "doh!" and "oops" and "Oh right..." and I'm sure I'll add to that this trip, too.)

The Edinburgh talks are being announced very efficiently by the group organizing all that, and I'm excited about that. I'm planning some things I haven't done or said elsewhere, to make it extra special, because they've put so much work into organizing the venue and schedule and the beautiful web page.

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  1. Zach's been using this messenger bag: to haul his laptop, books and clothes around London and the UK on trains, planes and automobiles. It has a drop-down compartment for the laptop so you can slide it through TSA checkpoints without pulling the machine out of the bag.


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