Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beth and Emma in Baud

Beth and Emma Fuller, unschoolers from Albuquerque, recently visited the McNeills in Baud, where I'll be visiting (and others, too!) in June. Beth and Emma have been in France for a month, and is keeping this blog:

Beth wrote:

Our latest adventure was out to visit friends in the Bretagne region of France. This part of France is truly gorgeous. Bucolic and verdant describe it well. We reveled in the streams, rivers, ponds and springs that are so abundant there. We desert people really appreciate water. The kids loved scampering through the five acres of lush green with dogs, cats and chickens often joining in. We did take time to see and appreciate the small towns around the area. We met so many lovely people at the stores, open-air markets and restaurants. They were infinitely patient with us as we continued learning more of the language.

There is such a different feel there than the hustle and bustle of Paris. There is an ease and slower pace that make it ideal for long walks along the river, reading books while nestled happily on the banks of the stream or enjoying multiple hour lunches eating both savory and sweet crepes while enjoying the outstanding local cider (le cidre Breton).

We also explored some local churches and ramparts. We visited the open-air market in Hennebont that seemed to go on for kilometers. We marveled at the menhirs. Mostly, though, we soaked in the springtime. Paris has been so wonderful, but it has also been very cold and cloudy. Baud, the small town where we were staying, was in the full glory of spring. There were tulips, wisteria, lilacs, daisies and dozens of other flowers I did not know blooming everywhere. There were lambs frolicking in the fields and horses grazing in the sunshine. It was warm enough to play in the stream and swim in our friend's pool. We even enjoyed sleeping with our window wide open to the wondrous full moon and the sweet smell of wisteria floating in all night.

We were sad to leave, but alas, our friends are leaving for a trip of their own...ironically, they are heading to Albuquerque. Too funny.

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