Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out the window in Derby

In Derby, I stayed with Elaine Greenwood-Hyde and her family.  I had a beautiful little green room with a window overlooking more green:

People who know me already know I take photos of groceries, in stores (even at home), and here I was in pantry-land, with an artfully arrayed collection of candid English food storage. Woohoo!! Peas.

But out that window, I kept looking and waiting to spot them. It was a bowls club. It had the little hut, and the chairs and tables, and the lawn all mown.

I felt like a bird watcher waiting for a special appearance. AND THEY SHOWED UP! Two of them. Male. Unaware.

They reminded me how much I *love* this little camera.

Then they sat and talked and had tea or coffee, and got up and did a couple of games sideways on the green rather than diagonally. I went to get on a train so didn't stay to document their whole morning's activities. :-)


  1. My grandfather played lawn bowls in Southport after he retired. He was always coming home with a dozen eggs or a frozen chicken that he won. The colored mufty clothes surprise me. Gramps always wore his whites to bowl - not unlike cricket uniforms.

  2. I did see older guys playing in white, somewhere else, some other day, driving by. :-)

  3. July 12, 2011, Elaine put this note on facebook:

    Elaine Greenwood-Hyde There is no longer a wall opposite our house. A car put a hole in it in spectacular fashion a few weeks ago and now they're demolishing the whole wall. We're wondering what they're going to do next.


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