Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Littlest Bowls Lawn

At Pont Augan, near Baud, in Brittany, there is a charity shop in a building that was once a pub called Le Martin Pecheur (the Kingfisher). The faded sign is still up.

Between that and the river is a towpath. Just a short way along the path is a small bowls field.

There isn't a gate in the fence. Part of the wire is bent down, so people could climb over. I suppose, occasionally, someone lifts a lawnmower over the fence there.

On the tree is a scoreboard. I guess they use pegs, or maybe twigs. One hole had a stick stuck in it.

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  1. Hey Sandra! As with your adventures in India, I am thorougly enjoying reading about your travels in the UK! Your washer/dryer experience was hilarious! I was so curious that I did a bit of digging and found out the arret cuve pleine button means that the washer will stop without draining out the water (so, a soak cycle?). Cuve = drum/tub of water. Cool! So happy that you are able to be there to experience all of these wonderful new things, and so grateful that you share it here w/us so that we can, sort of, too!


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