Thursday, November 10, 2011

The talk I gave in London, with visuals

This has a more permanent home with a bit more information here:

The Past, the Future and Now
When thoughts are stuck or whirling, which way can we go? Where can we turn? What helps with natural learning, and what hinders? Can people go too far, or not far enough? Is it possible to mess this up?

A presentation for parents interested in unschooling, given at the LiTTLe Conference in London in 2011:

If you don't see arrows, try moving to the next picture with your finger, depending on the device you're using.

The talk can be downloaded from, or you can listen to it directly here or maybe here:

and change the image when it seems right to do so. :-)

The introduction is by Julie Daniel. I wish to point out that to put a book in the toilet, in British English, means to put it in the bathroom. In American English, it would mean to drop it into the water in the toilet bowl. So the recommendation was to use it as a bathroom book. I think. :-)
BRUCE saved a journal from his great aunt. Bernie is his wife. I was nervous.

When I said "the bus from Derby," I meant "the train." (I did ride the bus from Selkirk to Edinburgh, but I was sitting.)


  1. I REALLY enjoyed listening to this. It made me smile, giggle and think. Thank You for sharing it.


  2. Thanks, Kim. :-)
    Glad it was fun.


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