Thursday, August 4, 2011

Medieval tile at Winchester Cathedral

I saw this on July 3, 2011. Someday I might re-order these blog posts in chronological order and remove this top line.

I've had a book about medieval tile for a really long time. I saw some, way up on the wall, at the British Museum 30+ years ago.

Later I got another book, with more information and color photos.

I saw some, salvaged and random, but actually on a floor I could walk on, at Hammond Castle in Massachusetts.

Then I got to see swaths of matching patterns. No nine-squares, but lots of fours. And some random scrappy-sections which might have been covered by carpet at one time, or were put in to repair a floor where the building had been sinking and breaking. But real tile.

In some places, it was being cleaned, and that shows in some of the photos. In some sections, parts had been walked on and other parts were glossy.

Here's a page with information and images on how those were constructed:

I was excited to see so much tile where I could touch it and admire it.

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