Sunday, May 15, 2011

Very nice family

Today Julie, Adam and I visited Lis Fields, her husband Mark, and daughter Jasmine for many hours that felt like one happy hour. Much fun, nice food, sweet people, beautiful back garden. Lis is a photographer and Mark works doing graphics for a greeting card company and Jasmine is artistic as well. I learned things, heard great stories, and almost forgot my shoes.

Near their house:

Old buildings with new buildings, everywhere; flowers I don't recognize, everywhere.


  1. Sounds like a lovely afternoon! We'd love to invite you to enjoy an afternoon with our family, only it would be Italian style! You're welcome to stop in anytime you're in our area of Italy!

  2. Italy!?
    Thanks. I don't expect I'll ever be in Italy, but how sweet of you to offer. Just knowing that if I were in Italy (and Spain, I had an offer too) I would have a place to visit is nice. :-)


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