Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doing and reporting

I shouldn't be surprised that I can't report everything I do and see, but my fantasy is that I could do that. :-) I have a few hundred photos so far, and anyone who wants to look directly at them is welcome to do so. I'm usually a day or two behind on getting them uploaded, too, but here are some links.

London the first few days:
Edinburgh and thereabout:
Yarrow Valley (still uploading, as I write this):

I'll add a page to this blog with links like this, rather than add other blog posts. I think you'll have the option to view those as a slideshow, and also to leave comments on individual photos if you want to. Sorry if there are duplicates, or seeming duplicates. I don't mind if people post them, and it's okay to link directly if you want to (to use my image urls directly; I pay my photobucket bills).

People in the photos or owners of the places pictured are very welcome to take and do whatever they want with those photos of themselves and their houses, and THANK YOU for the opportunity to see them and save images to share with my family and friends, and to help me remember later on.

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