Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rooflines, doorways, latches and locks (Hampton Court)

Anyone who wants to see my photo collection bare and without comment can look here. There will be some photos of automobiles and plants that didn't rank blog sharing, and then all the other things, larger and more stationary.

Here are some of the things I thought worthy of capture and sharing yesterday, and as to commentary, I thought of Pati and Chris, Jeff, Keith, Wendy, Jeff/Kragon, Carolyn, Ashlee and Marty, Ray and Barb, Mike and of authors and actors and artists I don't actually know.

Ah. Some of the photos are of window details, or brick design, or courtyard drains (designs in paving stones to allow some fancy walking spaces, and some water-removal when it rains, because the whole place is paved, except the gardens on the far outside of the maze of buildings. (They have a maze of hedges, too, but I only did the maze of buildings.)

The place is huge and we saw some of it. We saw TONS, but not half, I suppose.

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