Saturday, March 19, 2011

A potluck in France, and pancakes

Notes from Hélène McNeill just now. I had asked her whether we should try to do a shared meal. We don't know yet who will be camping, or staying in rentals in town, but she wrote:
Today: a wonderful friend and Englishman named Nick came over and showed me how to plant vegetables in the garden that (I felt ) had to be built out of the old ruined house, so I created a garden there.

Re: gathering, I think we should have a big potluck at least one night. There is always a snack and candy table at our house ( I learned that from you:). . .

Carolyn [her friend who manages rental cottages] was surprisingly right behind me at the market today and said "hey, I know what you're having for tea!" I told her we needed more gites and she said fine, there are four more available.

I will take you to the market! Holy smokes! Of course we will!

Pancakes, yes we should have a pancake morning. We have a massive stovetop so should be good. Nick brought over loads of eggs today. All the neighbors want to give each other fresh eggs. I swear to god I feel like i'm living in Hobbiton. No foolin. Love it.
So I think when we know more of who will be there, we can plan a couple (or more) communal meals, and if anyone here would rather rent a gite than camp, let me or Hélène know.

This is what Hélène looks like, all dressed up and holding a chicken. Inside the house. And the chicken matches her dress. Yes, she looks like that.

And here's a photo of the two of us, when she only had one child and I had little kids, dressed up differently, for some formal medievalesque thing in those days. We know each other through the Society for Creative Anachronism, in which she was my student/protegé. I promise not to wear all white and a veil and wimple to camp in France.

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